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We modernize kitchens without draining savings accounts. And we do it in a fraction of the time that a renovation requires.

Kitchen Redesigns in Bucks County, PA

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Unique perspective.

A Fresh, New Kitchen
By Next Weekend

We’ll refinish your kitchen within a week. That’s right: one week. How’s that possible, you ask? Seasoned craftsmen and a super-meticulous project manager.

We redesign cabinets and kitchens in Perkasie, Buckingham, Chafont, & Doylestown, Pennsylvania

We work differently.

We love what we do. That's how we got here.

Before we propose anything, we’ll ask you to tell us what you don’t like about your kitchen and why you want to change it. Aesthetics are a big motivation for most, but they’re rarely the only one. If, say, your kitchen could fit your lifestyle a little better, we could help with that, too.
Where your average kitchen contractor may be delayed for weeks by a missing piece of cabinetry, it won’t slow us down. After nearly 20 years of doing this, we’ve learned how to account for common pitfalls like that. So we always finish within the timeframe we state at the start.
We’ll repair the normal wear-and-tear stuff, but we’ll also keep an eye out for anything else that could undermine the integrity of your cabinetry and correct that, too. And, should anything not look or feel right in the weeks after your installation, just give us a shout and we’ll make it right.


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Why Choose Us?

The modern kitchen is many things to many people, so nothing we do is one-size-fits-all.
We’ve been refinishing cabinetry for over 23 years now, before it was even really a thing.
We’ll keep you posted at every step. Not that you need to worry about us missing our deadline.
Our work’s not done until the afterglow’s faded a bit and you’ve gotten to know every detail.

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