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We’ve been at this for almost 20 years now. Well, Charles has been doing this for almost 20 years. (More on him in a minute.) His introduction to cabinetry refinishing came by way of an interior designer who asked him to refinish her kitchen—even though he’d never done it before. With the tutelage of someone who had, he got to work. And by the time they were done, Charles realized he was onto something.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t do any of it right, but her kitchen still turned out great,” he says.

Charles continued working with the designer, and a few more kitchens followed that year. Within three years, they were up to about 40 kitchens. Five years in, Charles broke off on his own to keep up with the demand.

Along the way, he lost count of the kitchens he’s refinished. But if they were great when he didn’t know what he was doing, imagine the results now that he’s got a few hundred of them beneath his tool belt. Actually, you don’t need to. Just click through our portfolio.

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Charles Dickey


Charles remains very much involved in the daily operations. In fact, he refers to himself as an “errand boy.” And he’s not even being sarcastic when he says it. What he means is that he does pretty much everything and anything to ensure our projects are progressing through our workshop and onsite according to schedule. And should you have any questions or concerns about your kitchen, during the work or after it, Charles considers it his personal responsibility to resolve them.

In the years before he started doing this, Charles was a house painter and a general contractor. He was also an expert in the tedious art of hanging wallpaper. “I hung a room in my mother’s house when I was young. Everything about it was easy, but I was really impressed, enough to think I could do it for a living,” he says. Turns out, he was actually quite good at it.

Charles is also pretty good at marriage—he’s been married for 23 years. He and his wife have three kids, ages 15 to 19. When he manages to carve out some time for himself, he’s most likely to be fly fishing (somewhere in Western Pennsylvania, ideally).

Stephanie Ortman

VP, Sales and Design

“If Charles is the errand boy, I’m the task master,” Stephanie says. She’s joking, but not really. Stephanie’s who you’re going to meet with when—if; sorry, we’re getting ahead of ourselves—you schedule a consultation. Back at the office, she’s our super-meticulous project manager. She’s constantly coordinating with Charles, our adept foremen, and the outside vendors. Not to mention, she likes to keep in close contact with our clients. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring a five-day turnaround, and Stephanie has a hand in just about all of it.

She got her start in interior design and quickly found herself drawn to the endless nuances of kitchens and bathrooms. Stephanie and Charles met a few years back while they were working on the Bucks County Designer House & Gardens. They joined forces in April 2016.

“Almost right away, I started asking questions like, why are we only doing one kitchen a week?” Stephanie says. (Yeah, she’s ambitious.)

Away from work, her role isn’t terribly different. She’s the mother of three kids and the stepmother of two more, ranging in age from 15 to 21.  With three now in college, she’s found a bit of a reprieve, which she prefers to fill with her husband, dinners out, and a cocktail or two.

VP, Sales and Design


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